Umm Kulthoom Kara

Umm Kulthoom Kara founding member of #TeamFDP
Umm Kulthoom Kara founding member of #TeamFDP

Hi, I am Umm Kulthoom, The youngest founding member of #TeamFDP (Femmes De Paix). As you are reading my profile you may well wonder, how is her name pronounced?

Some are bemused and others amused but why have a name that just sounds the same, My name is my identity. OK  I am not a aspiring poet but my name is a good conversation starter. 

Moving on…… an active volunteer I love what I do. The opportunities, knowledge and experience gained when volunteering help build my confidence, whilst getting involved in new challenges can provide a real sense of achievement. As a young person I want my voice to be heard and I want to be able to give back to my community.

At FDP my job is to help with fundraising, support projects and communicate with partners.

I am currently studying in high school and looking forward to some excellent GCSE results in the future. I have completed my bronze DofE and working towards achieving my silver award. I have two elder siblings who are both part of the team. We are a hard working and ambitious group, a supportive close nit team. 

I am also a young leader at an all girls youth group and spend time helping at charity events. In my free time I enjoy baking and going on hikes with my parents.

My future ambitions are to work as a doctor and that’s why the mission of Femmes De paix is so appealing and personal. To learn more you can check out some of our projects on Twitter or on our projects page.  BYE!