Khadija Kara

Khadija Kara founding member of TeamFDP
Khadija Kara founding member of #TeamFDP


My name’s Khadija and I am one of the founding members of #TeamFDP (Femmes De Paix). Femmes De Paix is a voluntary youth group based in Kirklees, Dewsbury.

I helped set up FDP to demonstrate that young people can work towards making big changes independently.

I am the team artist or…… so I am told, I manage all the graphics and artwork which I really enjoy. It makes the projects a lot more personal and it gives me a chance to explore my creativity.

In my spare time, you’ll find me painting on my wooden easel or breaking a piece of wood during my taekwondo sessions. I’m also known for dragging the team out on hikes so I can sit and sketch the scenery. When I’m not being creative, I love to immerse myself in new culture – be it learning a new language, or experiencing different cuisines.

More About me

I am a avid volunteer and help at my local hospital keeping the senior members of my community company. I enjoy lending a sympathetic ear, hoping to gain from the wisdom that age brings. I am also a young leader at my local Brownies group. I believe having a role model is important for young people, to feel empowered and have high aspirations.

The work that I find most inspiring is when I am caring for disabled children. Despite serious health issues they are determined not to let their challenges hinder their development. Therefore I find the most important part of being with FDP is working to make life better for people who need the help and trying to encourage others to do the same.

My Aspirations

As for the future, I am working diligently towards fulfilling my aspirations as a dentist. I admire the manual dexterity and almost artistic approach that dentist have when performing dental procedures, needless to say I was never afraid of visiting the dentist in my younger days. The ultimate dream would definitely be working in a mobile dental hospital, providing healthcare to the less fortunate – a perfect merge between my passion for charity work with my love of dentistry.

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