About Us

Femmes De Paix is a voluntary youth group based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. We are a group of young females who have set out to advance access to healthcare and healthcare education. Our main focus is to assist young and disadvantaged people in the area of Kirklees. Our projects encourage young people, especially young females, to participate in promoting their own health, health education, community engagement and action.  We also facilitate opportunities for aspiring young health professionals to gain valuable learning, volunteering and networking opportunities in their chosen fields. Together with our partners, we build opportunities where people can thrive.

Our History

Femmes De Paix was started back in March 2017 by a group of female teenagers from Dewsbury who became friends whilst volunteering at local community events. The youth group had a number of things in common – a passion for helping people, aspirations to work within the health sector and a determination to impact positive change in their local community. This was the beginning of Dewsbury’s youth group Femmes De Paix

Aims and objectives

  1. To raise awareness in the youth about common health problems and how they impact peoples lives. 
  2. To raise awareness in the youth about STD’s and substance abuse.
  3. To raise mental health awareness affecting women and children especially young/new mothers.
  4. To improve communication channels between health practitioners and patients and look at ways to improve health in minorities, women and children.
  5. To assist women and children access better healthcare and awareness in disadvantaged areas. 
  6. To help aspiring young health professionals gain shadowing, learning and networking opportunities within the health sector by setting up school support groups, medical societies and career insight from health professionals.
  7. To engage the youth and increase their interest in the health sector, primarily the NHS.
  8. To make Dewsbury proud of its young people.