Aaisha Kara

Aaisha Kara Founding member of Femmes De Paix
Aaisha Kara Founding member of #TeamFDP

Hi there!

I’m Aaisha, one of the founders of Femmes De Paix a voluntary youth group based in Dewsbury. I’m the youngest but definitely the chattiest out of the founders so I’m usually the one leading talks or projects, which is totally fine by me since public speaking (or just being on the mic in general) is one of my favourite things to do.

After a strong history of voluntary work with various local charities, I was finally able to realise what I had truly grown passionate for – healthcare. And so I joined my friends in co-founding Femmes de Paix so I could begin to focus my work into that field. It’s a field I’d love to work in since I know how much it affects people’s every day lives.

My voluntary work history

To take you back, my voluntary background probably starts at my local charity youth group where I was a Community Cohesion Ambassador and was lucky enough to work on a range of integration projects within our local community. I then progressed to become a leader there and was given the privilege of being able to devise and run several of my own successful projects. The girls from FDP were also managing their own projects at the time and we quickly realised how well we were able to work together. We then spent a lot of time co-working to deliver classes on things like First Aid, starting new projects and raising awareness for causes we were passionate about.

At some point during that time, my passion for healthcare also lead me to work with Locala, our local healthcare service provider. I started off as Equality and Diversity Ambassador and looked at ways of working with people of a different ethnicity, religion, age and sexuality within our community to improve the health services provided to them. Since then, I’ve been asked to join the Member’s Council, making me the first of my age in their group. Working with a large organisation was nothing like I had ever done before and was definitely intimidating to say the least but I can honestly say I’m enjoying every minute of it and learning so much every day.

The things that keep me busy

Also outside of work, my sister and I are Young Leaders at our local brownies group and I work with Cancer Research Dewsbury to help raise funds as much as I can. On an off-day though, you’re more likely to find me away from home with the rest of my team off on a hike somewhere. It’s something we’ve all done together since we first met so we keep it going and try and see as much of nature as we can.

Stay up to date on our socials if you’re wanting to hear more about what we do! If you like to help your community and want to volunteer in Dewsbury, or volunteer in Kirklees with us get in touch.